keskiviikko 31. lokakuuta 2012


It's 31st of October and that means it's HALLOWEEN!

In the morning it was raining when I went to work.

 I was all day alone with Sofia and it was the first time I dared answer the door phone thing. It was a delivery man and I went downstairs to fetch the package. The whole day I made a veil and I'm goin' to finish it tomorrow.

After work we went to KFC with Kolla and the boys and then we went to this rich area where the rich people decorate their houses and kids can do trick and treat there.

It was so nice to see the people all dressed up and everything. Good Halloween spirit =)

The houses in that area were sooo amazing, big and beautiful. 

There was this house where some TV-star lives. He had decorated his house so unbelievable cool. He had these people dressed in different scary outfits walking around and there even was cottoncandy!

Kolla and a mummy

I think that's the TV star with the cap?

The boys, Aman and Nadir counting their haul.

My outfit for todayyyyyyyyy


xx Emmis

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