keskiviikko 31. lokakuuta 2012


It's 31st of October and that means it's HALLOWEEN!

In the morning it was raining when I went to work.

 I was all day alone with Sofia and it was the first time I dared answer the door phone thing. It was a delivery man and I went downstairs to fetch the package. The whole day I made a veil and I'm goin' to finish it tomorrow.

After work we went to KFC with Kolla and the boys and then we went to this rich area where the rich people decorate their houses and kids can do trick and treat there.

It was so nice to see the people all dressed up and everything. Good Halloween spirit =)

The houses in that area were sooo amazing, big and beautiful. 

There was this house where some TV-star lives. He had decorated his house so unbelievable cool. He had these people dressed in different scary outfits walking around and there even was cottoncandy!

Kolla and a mummy

I think that's the TV star with the cap?

The boys, Aman and Nadir counting their haul.

My outfit for todayyyyyyyyy


xx Emmis

tiistai 30. lokakuuta 2012

Day 8


I'm very tired so I'm goin' to do this very quick! The buss journey that without traffic takes about 10 minutes took 1 hour today.. I hope it won't be like this every day..

At work I did embellishments and embroidery. I also attached few Minna labels..

I finally took pictures of the office/showroom/studio i'm working at. =)

Some shoes for fitting. 
I love those from Zara, the black-nude sandals. I almost bought them as flats last spring.

The weather today has been very good! Sadly I've been inside the whole day but at least we have this big window over our heads when we are working.. =)

My today's lunch

The chicken was very dry....

Today I tried my new Revlon Colorstay foundation (in Buff).

Here's my face without any makeup.

one layer of  foundation

Second layer of foundation + third layer on the problem areas.
I look like a ghost when I'm so pale. Just in time for Halloween =D

Ready makeup, no primer or concealer. Only powder, contouring, highlighting and blush on the face.

This is the makeup in the evening (12 hours) without any fixing through the day.
Little redness around the nose (I've rubbed it during the day..) and a little shining (I always get shiny 'coz I've got oily/combination skin). 

Otherwise I'm pretty pleased with the foundation. It's nice that it stays pretty well on my face. I wish it wouldn't need so many layers to cover up my spots but they are very red so foundation alone maybe just can't cover them up. With concealer I might need only one layer.. =) 
I still need to find a proper concealer.. The MAC one is far too dark and I think I need creamy one with more pigmentation for the spots..

Now shower and then to sleep.


xx Emmis