tiistai 23. lokakuuta 2012

Day 1

Today I didn't have work but I woke up early  anyways. I went to St Paul's with my cousin Kolla. She had to go to this court thing for her studies. She and her friend couldn't take their cellphones with them so I had them while they were inside. For three hours I walked around in st Paul's area, down the the Blackfriars bridge, Stamford street, Upper Ground, Queens walk, Waterloo bridge and back to the St Paul's area. I ate a little snack in Starbucks, walked around a bit more and then I met Kolla and her friend. They had to grab something to eat and then me and Kolla went back home. The trip was in a way a bit unnecessary for me, but the point was that I got to know the way downtown and get used to the subway etc.

When Anah came home from school we went to the nearest mall called Brent Cross. It was nice to hang around with her and see stores that we don't have in Finland. I spent the rest of the day there and now I'm sitting here veery tired and just waiting to get to sleep.

But first some pictures!

I forgot my camera at home though, but you'll get plenty of pics later =)

Here's my wardrobe. 

My bed

My hair gets crazy and frizzy in this humid atmosphere. 

the first of the many magazines I'm going to by here.
And only for 1 pound!!!

I'm so exited about tomorrow 'cause it's the first working day! I think it'll be great!
But now I'll go to SLEEEEP! Good night!

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  1. i dont know if you have noticed but i no longer write the wtf,Dodi? blog. Feel free to check coffee with milk-blog b. Dodi