torstai 25. lokakuuta 2012

Days 2 and 3

Yesterday was my first day at work.

My buss goes at 8.30 am (or I could also take the later one that goes 8.42..)  in front of the house. The journey to the Golders Green metro station takes 20 minutes in the morning traffic. Then I take the Northern line to Oval station and then I walk about 5-10 minutes to an church. On the upper floor of the church is the Minna office. 

yesterday I started to do this veil. Later me and Eevi (she's an trainee also from Finland. She studies in Roihuvuori...) went to get some dress from an other seamstress somewhere in Queensway if I remember right. The houses there were so beautiful!

 After that we went to Shepherd's Bush for fabric shopping. I think I have never seen as many fabric stores in a row. There were sooooo many of them and it's so weird 'cause I'm used to one store in Finland; Eurokangas! Of course it's not the only one but the only one I use!

I'm ready at work at 17.30. Yesterday evening I went to Oxford street for a little shopping. I hadn't much time because I'm free from work so late and travelling in London takes sooooo much time! And it's expensive too.. A weekly card for zones 1-3 is about 35 £ (about 42 e).

Anyways I had to buy at least some beauty stuff but first I went to Primark. I was again stunned because of the low prices.
I bought trousers, shoes and earrings.

Then I went to eat something to Starbucks and then to Boots to buy shampoo and stuff. I still have to buy shower cream/gel/whatever and a body lotion. I wanna try something I cant get in Finland and isn't too expensive..

I was home late, around 21.40.

Today I took the same buss and train to work. I kept on with the veil until they sent me to the post office and then delivering some accessory to You and Your Wedding all the way to Hammersmith. It was very scary to do all this alone. I'm very happy that I'm getting used to the subway system tough! =)

When I had delivered the delivery I had my lunch break and went eating sushi. The waiter was so cool and cute! He had black curly permanent hair, two lip piercings and a tattoo on the neck and he smiled very nicely to me. Then I bought Elle so I'd have something to read in the train 'cause the journey from Oval to Hammersmith  took almost an hour!

Back at the office I had to cut some top pieces and patterns. The fabric (or the lining) was silk and very hard to handle and I think I have never cutted anything as badly as I did now! I feel so embarassed!! I hope Maria understands that I haven't got that much experience of cutting difficult fabrics.. I also didn't like the scissors that much. They were a bit clumsy and awkward in a way.

When I was ready with the patter I was fixing I went straight back home and I arrived home a bit after 19.00. 

Truong was home so I talked to him via Skype. It's sad that we don't have time talk at all! He's already went to sleep when I come home in the evenings, but well try to talk on weekends.. I miss him a lot but I'm SUPER exited about that he'll try to visit me in London! <3
I also talked to mum <3 It was nice to hear from my family =)

But now I'll go to sleep.

Nighty night!

xx Emmis

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  1. UUUUU noi vihreet korvikset sopis ihanasti mun uuteen samanväriseen vihreeseen mekkoon ja vihreeseen kynsilakkaan <3___<3 onks niit viel???