sunnuntai 28. lokakuuta 2012

Day 5 - Camden Town and Oxford street


Today was my first non-working day. I had decided to start the day by going to Camden town 'cause it's on the way to Oxford. I walked around there for several hours.

I turned away from the main street by the canal and there were all kind of food stands in a row; Asian, Mexican, Italian...

I like the strong punk vibe that's in Camden. There were people dealing ads for tattoo shops.

Nothing is plain and neutral. There were horse statues in one corner.

When I had wondered around for long enough (without buying anything!) I stopped by a fish and chips stand. I thought I have to taste it now when I'm in London. It was good, tough it wasn't the best thing I've eaten.

When I had got enough of Camden I headed to Oxford. With Northern line to Euston, then changing to Victoria line to Oxford Circus.

The rest of the day I walked along the Oxford street till 9.00 pm. I was in a way disappointed that I didn't find anything to buy till I came to Primark. Though, I think I might go back to Zara to buy these shoes.. 

There were already Christmas windows yay! I have to go shopping for Xmas presents some weekend =)

On the way home I went past the buss station I should have stopped at. I carried on all the way to Mill Hill station and had to turn back. ='D It wasn't nice at all 'cause I had to wait a long time outside and it was very cold!

Anyways, the shopping. I bought tea, some food and Vogue in M&S.

At Primark I bought earrings, a skirt and a blouse.

It doesn't look like a skirt.. =D

And this I bought at Superdrug in Camden.

I'm still trying to find a bag. I don't understand how it can be so difficult. The nice bags are poor quality or replica of designer bags or too expensive. I found so many Birkin replicas in Camden but I don't wanna buy them 'coz.. well.. they are replicas. I didn't find anything nice even in River Island!! What's wrong with me?

But now I'm tired and going to sleep.

Good night everyone! =)

xx Emmis

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  1. Mulla on ihan melkein samanlainen kuva tuosta isosta hevosen päästä! Tosin se taitaa olla oikeelta otettu! :D