maanantai 22. lokakuuta 2012

Welcome to London, Day 0,5


My name is Emma. Usually I live in Finland, but for the next eight weeks I'll live in London, UK. I'm here because of my practical training period. I'll be at Minna Hepburns studio ( sewing and doing whatever they tell me to do.

This blog is about my time here, what I see, feel and learn. I'll try to mostly write in English but I wont promise you anything. I'm also gonna try to write as often as I can. Those of you who read my personal blog know that I'm not very good in that.. =)

Today I arrived to London Gatwick airport at 18.05 local time. After about two hours I got to my cousins place where I'm gonna say. I'm so thankful that I can stay here and thank you Anah for borrowing me your room! Now I've put all my clothes in the wardrobe and I'm feeling very good about everything.

With Patrick Wolf  playing in the background I'll go to the shower and then to sleep. I want to be fresh tomorrow for the first whole day here.


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  1. Hii varmasti jänskää! :) Patrickista puheen ollen mulla soi aina Sun is often out päässä kun luen jostain Bermondsey. :D