torstai 1. marraskuuta 2012

Day 10 - Chistmas lights at Harrods

Todayyy  I finished the veil I started yesterday.

I left work early 'coz I went to the Icelandic Embassy in London to get a new passport. Before I went there i had lunch at the Asian (indian?) restaurant near my work. I was alone in there and it was sooo weird sitting there by myself while the waiter just sat there watching me eat.. 

From Oval station to Knightsbridge by train, then I walked down Solane Street and there were all these designer stores and I was just admireing all the beautiful clothes, shoes and bags when I walked past the shop windows.

I had thought of going to the Natural History Museum after doing what I had to do at the embassy. I walked past H&M and I went inside. I bought a shirt and a necklace.

. Then I continued towards the museum and I saw Zara. I walked inside and bought the shoes I fell in love with the last time I was shopping.

Then I thought that now when I'm here, next to Harrods, why wouldn't I go there instead of the museum. It was quite late already so I wouldn't have time to see much at the museum..

I went to Harrods and there were more designer and all luxury cosmetics, clothes and accessories, books, Christmas stuff and and Egypt themed escalator stairway. <3

When I found myself out of there I decided to go to Topshop before I go back home.
On the way I saw these Disney princess themes windows at Harrods.

Among the princesses there were other smaller decorated windows.

At Topshop I bought this belt for 10 pound in the sales

When I came out of Topshop I saw there were loads of people staring at the direction of Harrods and I heard someone speaking in a microphone.. Later I understood that they were putting the Christmas lights on! I decided to stay and watch. Its not everyday you can see when they put lights on at Harrods!

The man who was speaking told the Cinderella story and Cinderella came into sight with her carriage.

I took a video when they turned the lights on, and when they did , here were fireworks on the roof of Harrods. I was so happy I was there at the moment. It was very incredible feeling standing there in London watching fireworks bursting on top of Harrods.

The video isn't working now so I'll try tomorrow again..

But here's the Christmas lights! Aren't they beautiful? =)

This I saw on the way home.

Now I have to get some sleep. It's already 11.00 pm and I have work tomorrow!!

Nighty night!

xx Emmis

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