sunnuntai 25. marraskuuta 2012

Days 28-34

This week has gone so fast! Now its exactly 28 days till I'm flying back to Finland. Of course I'm looking forward to it, to see my family and my boyfriend and to enjoy the Christmas in my moms cottage. Still I'm sad to have to leave London. I really like it here. 

But now, I still have 3 amazing weeks to enjoy this city so now lets move on my latest week!

The week started in Christmas mood and we but some Christmas decoration in the studio on Monday.

On Monday I made the veil.

On Tuesday I made this black dress.

On Tuesday I also went to get my new passport. I've had this emergency passport for quite long time 'coz I can't get a proper one in Finland.. Now when I was anyways going to London then why don't get it here! =) 

Later that day I went to see Skyfall. It was ok,I expected it to be even better. 
Well, I've never liked the Bond films anyways.. =)

In the end of the week I made this dress.

Yesterday, on Saturday morning I went to TKmaxx to buy a watch that I saw in the store on Friday and fell in love with but didn't buy.. Now I've got it and I love it!
The orginal price was 99 £ but I got it for 50 £ =)

After that I headed to the national Gallery
Is amazing how people can paint so well..

After that I went to this Christmas fair that's between the Finnish and Norwegian Churches in Rotherhithe.  Laura is working in the Finnish church and staying there over the time she's in London.
There were all kinds of Finnis (and Norwegian) food and sweets, and mäntysuopa!! =D I wanted to buy rye bed but everything there was so expensive so I didn't.

She and her friend had got these Theater and meal deal tickets to this stand up comedy show and they asked me to join them.

The meal was in Fire and Stone pizza restaurant and The Covent Garden Comedy Club was in Heaven night club. I really enjoyed the evening with the girls. It was something I'd have never done alone. =)

I really like the watch I bought.. I've wanted one for a quite long time now.

It even looks good with my other jewelry. =)

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