tiistai 6. marraskuuta 2012

Days 13-14 - Brent Cross and working

On Sunday I went to Brent Cross for some Christmas present shopping. I found few things I was looking for and I'm really happy about that.
 I also bought this Too Faced primer. It was very expensive so I hope It'll really be worthy it.. At least it makes the skin soooo soft!

On Monday I ate the same that I guess I'll be eating for the rest of the time here: Noodles with chicken (or tuna..)

In the evening I went walking to Oxfords street in a search for X-mas presents.. I found nothing =(

Today I made this gathering in this dress on the waist.

Then I started making these flowers.

They arn't ready yet, though.

I also finished this Olivia hairpin.

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