tiistai 13. marraskuuta 2012

Days 20-21 - Portobello market and the British museum

On Saturday I went to Portobello market with Lilli. It was so nice to meet her! We're trying to go sand see Patrick wolf together 5.12 in some record shop! =)

Nesx time I come to London I have to go back and mu some jewelry <3 there were amazing things! <3 all the old vintage bracelets.. I have to go back for them!

Valdis mä niin voisin kuvitella et asuisit täs talos! =D

Later when Lilli had already got back home I went to this market near Liverpool station.

Then on Sunday me and Anah went to the British museum

The weather was amazing but it was quite cold..

There really was a real cat in this mummy =s

nice pattern on it anyways.. =)

And the my battery died....

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  1. ihana talo! voisin asuakki, paitsi maalaisin sen sillon eriväriseks :D