lauantai 10. marraskuuta 2012

Day 19 - TKmaxx and burning flowers

At work I made these flowers for a veil and a dress

I also started making this cape, or the pattern for it.

After work I met Anah at Golders Green and we went to TKmaxx together.

I keep buying stuff that I'm not sure if I'm keeping them..

For example this top. I like it so much but I think its a little too big and too long and it ends just at my hips and that's not a good thing tor my body shape...

I also bought this nightgown and I LOVE it!

I also love these Calvin Klein bra that I got only for 8.99 pound when the original price was 40 pounds.

An I finally found a bag! But still, there's something that I'm not so sure about it.. First I love it, then I think that naah it isn't THAT nice.. then I love it again and then again naah..

But it was a bargain though.. orginal price 195 pounds (234 e) and I got it for 70 pounds (85 e). 

It's real leather! Or that's what it says.. =)

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  1. Gott að fá fyrir þig að vera nálægt fínum búðum! Eitthvað fyrir þig!Knús!