torstai 13. joulukuuta 2012

Days 48-53

Two pics from the end of the last week, I cut this cardigan and made maxi dress.

I was all weekend, from Saturday to Monday sick at home.. I'm sad that I had to spend my last whole weekend in bed.. =/

This week at work has been very busy. I've done some extra hours but it't okay. I wasn't working on Monday after all.. Tough now I have to do all my last shopping  and packing on Friday evening and Saturday.

On Tuesday I bought salad and a lot of fruits for lunch. I guess my body wanted fresh food full of vitamins after being sick for 3 days.. =)

I made this veil on Tuesday if I remember right. I really like it =)

One night it was very foggy!! I loved it <3

The last two days have been super cold!!

On the way to work

The church we are working at.

I made Zita dress yesterday

Today I finished Zita dress, finished this white dress someone else begun to make and did other random stuff =)

Here's my work mates. From left it's Laura (Finland), Maria (Russia, store manager and design assistant), Eevi (Finland) and me (Finland/Iceland). Other I worked with were Sofia (Finland) and Carolina (Sapain, Mallorca!!) but they werent working today. =)

It's so weird to leave the studio! I will miss you guys! <3  =)

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